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Intercity Private Hire is a well established private hire company. With its grass roots dating back to 1969, it has over 45 years of history and the wealth of experience that comes with it.

We have a large fleet of company owned vehicles which are all maintained to a high standard in our own workshops. With a variety of vehicles comprising saloons, MPV’s, 8 seater minibuses and wheelchair accessible vehicles; we're sure we can accommodate your transport needs.

We pride ourselves on always looking for new ideas to improve our services to our new and longstanding customers. The use of new technology has enabled many businesses to grow and the taxi industry is no different. Intercity Private Hire has always been at the forefront in adopting new technology to improve customer experience.

Our latest addition is our smarter, faster booking app. This is the quickest and simplest way to book your taxi whether its for now or later. The app allows you to book your taxi in just a few taps, showing your pickup location and estimated pickup time. The app will even give you a fare estimate! Another great feature is the ability to pay by card, allowing you the piece of mind knowing your journey is paid for without the hassle of stopping at a cash machine. Other features include vehicle tracking, save favourite locations, call your driver direct and text alerts when your vehicle is on its way and when it has arrived.

We also have automated telephone booking for both mobile and landline customers, giving you the option to book without waiting to speak to an operator. You can also book online direct from our websitebook online direct from our website. Corporate customers are provided a client login for our dedicated web booker for account customers where you have the ability to book and manage your transport on your own account.

Our call handlers are always here to help with your transport needs 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. We still have old favourites like “Call Back” for landline customers which lets you know your vehicle is approaching by ringing your phone.

Your Safety matters; whichever method you choose to book your taxi, the text alerts have become an essential part of your booking when it comes to passenger safety. The text contains the colour, make, model & registration number of the vehicle which you can check to assure you are getting into the licensed vehicle that you booked.